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Posted on 2014-01-23 16:08:24 by Ashish Gupta

Fraud with Me

16:03 23-01-2014

Guide4Stocks or Guide For Stocks both are the same , Its BIG FRADUD COMPANY I had deposited the Amount of Rs. 10,000 towards Trading Advisory Calls, to Earn Profit, but after their Advice I had lost Rs.45,000 Rupess + Mobile Calls to their numbers, Mehak & Vandana both the Ladies are Making Peoples Fool, aand not picking up the calls and if call from different numbers they pick the phone and saying Asking Rs. 10,000 again to continue Service or Mis-using the LAW for Women "Hamari Ladkiyon ko aap pareshan kar rahe ho" The Numbers are Fraud Company Number are : 0281-61-99911 & 0281-61-99999. Beware. They are saying aapko hi case mein phansa denge, aap ladkiyon ko baar baar phone karoge to.

Payment e pehle kehti thi "Bhaiya meri baat mano mai Profit Karwaungi, Mere par bharosa rakho"

Payment ke baad phone karne ke liye mujhe hi remind karana padta tha.


FRAUD ..................... FRAUD ..................... FRAUD ..................... FRAUD ..................... FRAUD ..................... FRAUD ..................... 


Posted on 2014-01-02 09:16:57 by barude


I take 2 days trails of HNI COMMODIYY from this company on dec third week and all calls got SL triggered. after two week they are not updated their performance yet. So dear friends NEVER GO TO SUBSCRIBE LIKE THIS COMPANY WHO ARE NOT UPDATING PERFORMANCE SHEET REGULARLY.....BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY

Posted on 2013-12-26 09:55:02 by Raj very Wrong

Hello All,

I am the previous partner of, i am sorry i made wrong complaints for many companies.

I respect all , i am separated from We group of 4 peoples of made this site but now i am separated from this scam.

We obey all Indians, We are created complaints from the various companies by defaming them , want huge money from that companies.




i am not disclosing the names by friends and company who are behind this. Happy Christmas & Happy New Year.

I am rying to delete the site , but all partners beated very badly yesterday because usske logo defame karke paisa kamate hai.

Posted on 2013-12-25 14:12:27 by itradecapital

False Rumours

This is Admin of There is no person by name Sunil Kumar Gaur who has ever subscribe our service. This is false rumour. Any individual, group or company involve in spreading false info/rumours or baseless charges will  be prosecuted as per Indian Law. we are registered reputed company. Thank you Mr. Sonu & Arif for letting us know about this event. Legal Team

Posted on 2013-12-25 13:23:41 by sonu

15 days pack

very gud service. genuine perf. report. provides calls with small profit small loss. their 15 days pack is excellent. try their service once. excellent sms support

Posted on 2013-12-22 17:55:18 by arif

15 days pack is highly recommendable company for intraday trading. i am making good profits from their calls. support is excellent.  their performance report is 100% correct. they provide calls with small profit & loss. Most important, they have 15 days pack. u can subscribe & check their performance & perf report for 15 days and then continue their service. no need to subscribe for  2 or 3 months. 

Prishasai Advisory

Posted on 2013-12-22 00:21:07 by Asok Kumar

Fraud and not trustable

Prishasai Advisory at Bhuvaneshwar is a fraud company. ( )
My account with them is PSA9898913
1. They do not update LOSS making calls in their site. Profit are update correctly, but no loss.

2. They do not give an SL when they give a call.

3. They give SL only when the market goes opposite that too on closing basis. So if the SL hits on closing basis, your loss can be close to 1 LAC.

4. They donot give you the service they promised. Totally unprofessional people.

5. I spoke to that I will give bad feedback against the company, then they threatened by saying, my photo and Aadhar card will be posted in all sites. ( they ask all these before joining their PMS service)

Fools they do not know they have a privacy policy. If they break it they can be punished.

Totally VERY BAD SERVICE and they are all FRAUDS. You may end up in heavy losses....

6. They told me that for their operator calls, target achieved in 5 hrs. But for my first call itself , in SILVER ended in heavy loss of rs. 60000 and position automatically squared off. I was not left with enough margin to trade.

7. then I Asked them to give me tips via SMS, and I traded in MINI GOLD and SILVER.
But one of their calls ended in 80,000 loss, as I traded in MINI my loss was only 8000. But they didnot update this in their site. I made a comment about not updating this loss, in facebook. Then they stopped my service itself.

Totally fraud not join....

Posted on 2013-12-21 12:38:13 by Mayank Ahuja

Wrong Performace Update

Hello All. ek bahut badi dhokebaaz company hai, chutia banate hai Stoploss ko bhiprofit mein update kar dete apne website aur logo ko bekkoof banate hai.
Insaalo ko toh jail mein daal dena chaihye.

Crude ki tipsmein meriband bazai


Posted on 2013-12-20 16:16:56 by Saniya


Mcxtarget waale ek number  ke cheter, mujhe bahut loss kara diyain logon ne,phone bhi receieve nahin karte hai

Posted on 2013-12-18 15:45:28 by Parmeet Soni

Maha Fraud

I am Parmeet Soni from Ludhiana , Punjab.

I took service last month of through Mr. Vishal.

They assures me of Full Profit per month, but i got loss thats why i am calling him. They are rejecting my calls again again.

Help me to cover the Loss, i am very small men

I am in Loss of Rs 86741 till now very fraud company

Posted on 2013-12-10 14:52:15 by Abbas Nakvi

LOSS, Saaaale Fruad and Cheater hai

Hello sir,

i want to file complaint against this fraud company and cheaters which is run by S.S. Fabrics , they callled me give me trials and sure to get profit. They give me Sell Gold , Silver call & i traded on this call lost around Rs 48759.
 Now they are not picking my phone, YAdav salla Fruad and cheater hai Koi professional hai he nahin saallo me.

Do not ever join this company,  no support given after taking service

Posted on 2013-12-06 10:04:38 by Sunil Kumar Gaur

Rs 86824 LOSS in 15 Days Package

Hello Traders,

Meine ka 15 days ka package liya tha, saalo ke SL hits bahut hote koi support nahin bus paise liyo chup chap baith jate hai, kabhi jalti se phone bhi uthte hai lambe behane banate hai,.

Saaale Copypaster lagte hai. MErea chuna lag lag gaya inke through.

Do not join this

Mera Rs 86824 ka Loss Kara diya, phir package bhi band kar diya

phone bhi receive nahin kar rahe hai


Posted on 2013-11-29 18:14:46 by rajesh

1000stock complaints

rajesh from chennai ,i  paid 10k for their package in hdfc bank they call service in stock option & stock future,they gave me 2calls daily they gave me profit and i calculated their call accuracy it came around is good their hni call service is good, now i am going to take 6months plan from them.

accuracy is good.
response is good.
return is assured.

Posted on 2013-11-27 13:02:43 by Geeta Jagedkar

Only Loss beared tome

I am beared huge loss due to this is a very fraud company.
i lost around 3 lakh due to this fraud mcx tips providers

Posted on 2013-11-27 12:55:50 by Sonia Kandwal

Fraud Tracksheet

 i am a customer of this company is totraaly a fraud and updating only fraud performance. making fool to me do not rely on them
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